Te Kōhanga Reo established the new alumni foundation ‘He Manu Pīrere nō Te Kōhanga Reo’ as a future framework for sustained engagement between, and greater opportunities for graduates of Te Kōhanga Reo and their Whānau.

The term Pīrere is a literal translation for birds who leave or have already left their respective nest, which in this case refers to graduates of Kōhanga Reo ‘language nest’. The second part of the name, ‘nō te Kōhanga Reo’ seeks to reaffirm the place from which these graduates took flight, the Kōhanga Reo that nurtured them, and as a means to encourage continued involvement with the Kaupapa itself.

He Manu Pīrere was launched in November 2017 in Hamilton during the ‘Nōku te reo, Nōku te ao’ Expo. It is part of the innovative framework acknowledging the many graduates of Kaupapa through the new Alumni foundation and the revised scholarships distribution programme.

No reira e ngā Manu Pīrere nō Te Kōhanga Reo, nau mai, hoki mai ki te Kaupapa.

Benefits to Alumni Members
Kōhanga graduates that subscribe to He Manu Pīrere will be entitled to exclusive member only benefits. These include:

1. Scholarships – Annual scholarships will be available to He Manu Pīrere members who, in the first instance, meet the list of standard criteria;

2. Projects of Interest – He Manu Pīrere will provide more opportunities for Te Kōhanga Reo to promote its activity, enabling members to engage in and contribute to projects of interest;

3. Whānau Card – We invite all registered members of He Manu Pīrere to complete an application to the Te Kōhanga Reo whānau card, which provides discounts on selected items, from a wide range of suppliers.

All scholarship applicants will be automatically enrolled into He Manu Pīrere. Alternatively, kōhanga reo graduates may subscribe by emailing their details to hemanupirere@kohanga.ac.nz
The receiving office for He Manu Pīrere Scholarship applications is:

Postal Address
Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust
PO BOX 38-741

Physical Address
Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust
67 Hankey Street
Mount Cook

By Email
Applications will be accepted electronically. Ensure that all documents are scanned in a readable condition.

Click here for the Manu Pīrere Application form 2019

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Where do I get an application form from?

  • Te Kōhanga Reo website: https://www.kohanga.ac.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/He-Manu-Pirere-The-Alumni-Foundation-application-form-2019.pdf
  • email hemanupirere@kohanga.ac.nz
  • visit your local Te Kōhanga Reo Regional office or Kōhanga Reo

When do applications close?

No later than 5:00pm on Friday 8 March 2019.

How do I verify my Kōhanga attendance?

  • a letter of support from your previous Kōhanga Reo;

If the kōhanga is no longer operating, then:

  • a letter of support from a previous kaimahi, or
  • another member of the whānau that is able to verify your attendance at kōhanga reo.

How do I know if my Kōhanga Reo is eligible?

An eligible Kōhanga Reo would have been chartered to Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust and have a six-digit identification number i.e. 04D022.

How do I verify my course enrolment?

  • a letter of acceptance vertifying entry into your institute, wānanga, PTE etc
  • an authorised (signed) copy of your course confirmation letter

 How do I verify that Te Reo is included in my course of study?

  • a letter from your institute, wānanga, PTE etc verifying the courses you are enrolled in
  • an official copy of your confirmed course list
  • a copy of your course list downloaded from your tertiary login, and signed/verified by your tertiary provider

 Am I eligible if my course is fees free?

Yes.  The scholarships are not limited to course fees but are to alleviate costs of study.

What if I withdraw from or fail my course, do I have to repay the scholarship?

If you withdraw from a course and choose not to continue studying we would require the scholarship be refunded.

Failure of a course will not require repayment.

How do I submit my application?

Applications can be submitted by post, by email or delivered in person. Details as follows:

By Post:Te Kohanga Reo National Trust
PO Box 38-471
In Person:Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust
67 Hankey Street
Mount Cook
By Email:hemanupirere@kohanga.ac.nz

For scholarship applications submitted by email:

  • please ensure that all documents are scanned in a readable condition.
  • Email attachments must not exceed For applications larger than 10Mb, please either submit your application across separate emails, compress your files, or simply send your application by post instead.
  • Applications and all accompanying material must be received by 5pm on Friday 8 March 2019.

Who will assess the scholarships, what are the assessment criteria?

Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust will assess each application against a defined set of criteria.  For example, verified enrolment at a Kōhanga Reo, a proven academic record, involvement within the community, Marae, Kōhanga Reo or Kura. Applicants should clearly demonstrate the importance of Te Reo me ngā tikanga.

How and when will I be notified about the outcome of my application?

Notification will be by email and formalized in a letter at the awards ceremony.

When is the awards ceremony? Do I have to attend?  Is there financial assistance to attend?
The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday 7 April 2019. All successful recipients will receive a tono with an expectation to attend the ceremony as a commitment to the kaupapa and to uplift their formal letter.  Travel arrangements will be confirmed by the Trust.

If I’m successful, how will Te Kōhanga Reo use my photograph for publication purposes?

All successful scholarship applicants will be asked to consent to their name, details and photograph being used for publicity purposes related to the He Manu Pīrere Scholarships as part of the promotion of Kōhanga Reo.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I apply again in the following year?


 If my application is successful, am I able to apply again for the same scholarship?

No. Applicants can only be awarded a scholarship once.  You cannot apply for the same scholarship twice (in more than one year) but you may apply for the other scholarships (if eligible).

I did not attend a Kōhanga Reo, can I still apply?

No.  The He Manu Pīrere Scholarships are intended for graduates of Te Kōhanga Reo only.

How do I verify my bank account details?

Provide a bank verified deposit slip. Alternatively, payments can also be made directly to your institution, wānanga, PTE.

If I am unable to access a kaumātua or kuia to endorse my application, is anyone else able to?

While it is preferred, we understand that access to a kaumatua or kuia to verify your whakapapa may not always be possible. In these instances, you may approach a member of your hapori, someone who knows you such as a teacher, a Minister (Hāhi), doctor, Justice of the Peace, or similar. The verifier must clearly state on the application what role they hold within the community.

Does my application have to be in te reo Māori, will it affect assessment if it is not?

Kei a koe te tikanga.

I’m currently only studying part-time; can I still apply?

No. Applicants must be undertaking full-time study.

I attended kōhanga reo but I am not studying Te Reo as part of my tertiary course, am I still eligible to apply?

No. Te Reo Māori must be included as part of your current programme of study.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa.