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Dylan Cossey and Dylan Guitink were fan favourites when they were on The Block in 2016.
The Block NZ fan favourites Dylz and Dyls have mucked in with the cleanup effort in Edgecumbe.
The Bay of Plenty town was flooded when the Rangitaiki River broke its banks in April this year.
Homes were flooded and buildings were picked up and moved by the river’s force. 1600 residents from about 580 households were evacuated.

Dyls and Dylz worked with locals to fix the flood-damaged kōhanga reo playground.
Among the casualties was the playground of Maori-language preschool Te Kōhanga Reo o Patutaatahi. When the waters receded the kōhanga’s play area was left covered in silt and possible sewage.

Dylan Cossey and Dylan Guitink, who were visited Edgecumbe from Jun 16 to 18 and put the DIY skills they learned on The Block to use cleaning up and rebuilding the playground.

The young residents of Edgecumbe enjoyed having their playground back.
They had the help of the community, who rallied together to dig, paint, build and lay padding.
The end result would have impressed even the notoriously tough Block judges Jason Bonham and Bernadette Morrison.

It certainly seems to have impressed Te Kōhanga Reo o Patutaatahi’s kids – as did the toys Dyls and Dylz brought with them.
The pair will tour the North Island with their Haier Help truck from July 24, visiting Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland.Residents of those areas will have the chance to win the pair’s help with a DIY project, as well as other prizes.
Haier sponsor The Block NZ.
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