He ao Te Rangi ka uhia, mā te huruhuru te manu ka rere ai.

As clouds adorn the heavens, so do feathers enable birds to fly.

Kā tika hoki tēnei kōrero, ahakoa i ngā wā o mua mā te koha me te aroha e rere ai te manu o te kōhanga reo, inaianei me whai huruhuru tonu tenei manu e tōtika ai tōna rere.

In the early beginnings of Kōhanga Reo, koha was what kept kōhanga reo going, whether it be kai, gifting of time or human resource. Today as modern pressures, of work and family life consume more of people’s time, money is the main form of koha. So tracking the finances of Kōhanga reo can be difficult while focusing on the nurturing of mokopuna in a Māori environment.

The Kōhanga Reo National Trust, recognised this and looked for a easier way for Kōhanga Reo whānau to manage their finances.

So in 2010-2011 a pilot scheme was introduced to trial an accounting package called Xero, for Kōhanga Reo in the Ikaroa District. The pilot was a huge success and Xero was made available to all Kōhanga Reo around the motu. Today there are 270 Kōhanga reo out of 470 that are using the Xero accounting package.Xero-numbers

Patrick Knowles Finance Manager, and Tasi Takuira-Mita Accountant, both provide Xero support for whānau. They say that’s what makes Xero so good, “We can awhi whānau by remotely logging into Xero and helping whānau with their pātai.”

(left to right) Patrick Knowles, Frances Edmonds, Annette Wardle,Tiwi Davies, Tasi Takuira-Mita

(left to right) Patrick Knowles, Frances Edmonds, Annette Wardle,Tiwi Davies, Tasi Takuira-Mita

All kōhanga reo using Xero are set up with the same account names. They have been tailored to meet the needs of Kōhanga Reo whānau. Also all bank transactions are transferred each day automatically into Xero, removing the need to wait for bank statements arriving in the post.


That’s because Xero is an online system, wiith upgrades and enhancements are provided. GST returns, whānau reports and year end accounts can be produced from the Xero system.

Tasi who is our Kōhanga reo “go to” for Xero, believes that one of the biggest advantages of Xero is that because it’s online, you can access your accounts from anywhere, anytime, all you need is a computer hooked to the internet or just a mobile phone.

Location is no obstacle and Kōhanga reo can have their accounts audited by someone in Wellington, even if you live up North, or the Chatham Islands, distance is no barrier to receiving expert help. It also means that preparing the financials for whānau hui and reporting is just a matter of clicking a button.


The feedback about Xero from Kōhanga Reo kaitari, has been, that what took days, now takes only a couple of hours a week. Because all you have to do is categorise and code your “ins” and “outs”. Kōhanga Reo can even send reports and GST returns via email for whānau fees so they know where they are at.

But according to Patrick, “probably the best thing about Xero is that it gets people spending less time “doing the accounts” and more time with the tamariki on whariki.”Passwords

For more information about Xero ring Patrick or Tasi at National Office 04 381 8750

Click on link for more info: Kohanga Reo Xero guide June 2015 Trust Board