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Te Kōhanga Reo Locator

Ngā Kōhanga Reo - Tūwāhi

There are currently over 460 Kōhanga Reo throughout New Zealand

The kaupapa is such that there is also a highly active desire throughout the world to set up Kōhanga Reo. At present we have Kōhanga Reo in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Japan and London.

The kaupapa has been instrumental with other Indigenous Peoples of the world to setup services using our philosophy but in their native language – Hawaiians, Canadian Indians, Inuit and American Indians.

Aotearoa is divided in to “Rohe” or districts and then a further 100 “Purapura”. Purapura are a cluster of Kohanga Reo that also offer support and advice at a whanau level. Kōhanga Reo gather in their Purapura to share experiences and knowledge within the kaupapa (philosophy).

They are further supported by 10 Tari ā rohe (regional offices) with kaimahi who facilitate support and give advice on matters pertaining to Whānau Learning (training) and Whānau Management (operational obligations).