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Establish a Kōhanga Reo

It is consistently said amongst many people today, that Kōhanga Reo is one of the greatest movements to be established in New Zealand.

The Kōhanga Reophilosophy is a Māori world view and the movement's goal is to revitalise and increase the use of the Māori language and traditional Māori beliefs and customary practices with all who embrace it.

Our Kōhanga Reo story can be followed in the history section of this website. 

How did our people start a Kōhanga Reo?  They had determination, commitment and a strong desire to have their children learn te reo Māori in a Māori environment.

Many years later, Te Kōhanga Reohas proven to be a very successful foundation for tamariki in preparation for a Māori-medium education pathway and indeed for living life as Māori.  

Our children are amongst the most successful of Māori university graduates Aotearoa, New Zealand has produced.

So what are YOU waiting for!  If you are keen to start a Kōhanga Reo and there are other whānau wth the same desire.  Then kōrerorero discuss these dreams and make them a reality.

The Trust suggests that you start with two or three wānanga.  A list of tasks to discuss and action have been shared to support your journey.  

Remember there are many in the movement who are willing to help.  Contact your Regional Office and talk with them after your first meeting and register your interest.

WĀNANGA 1 - Our Aspirations & Goals

“Kia whēnua taurikura, kia whēnua houkura”

“Papatuānuku has prepared a place for you to grow and develop and prosper in her world”



  1. Record tamariki full birth names and birth dates
  2. One to three preferred addresses of where the Kōhanga Reomaybe located
  3. Identify the landmarks of the area (pepeha & whakapapa)
  4. Identify who are fluent Te Reo Māori speakers
  5. Documenting the aspirations and goals for tamariki
  6. Identify who is the main contact person and their details.
Te Reo RangatiraTe Reo Pākeha

Ko wai te Marae?

Kei hea ngā whare?

Ko wai Te Kōhanga Reo?

Ko wai e ngā whānau, ngā hapu me ngā Iwi?

He aha i ngā  pūkenga i waenganui i a mātou?

He aha i ngā mātauranga i waenganui i a mātou?

Establishing our Kōhanga Reo for our tamariki mokopuna to ensure the preservation of our language, tikanga and kawa. 

Our purpose to empass how we connect to the land, it’s mountains, waters, ocean and forests? To empart who we are & where we come from to our children.

How do we connect to each other?

What are our skills & knowledge that we bring with each of us?


WĀNANGA 2 - Preparation of Our Kōhanga Reo Tutōhinga

“Kia whēnua taurikura, kia whēnua houkura”

“Papatuānuku has prepared a place for you to grow and develop and prosper in her world” 

OBJECTIVES (what we want to achieve)PRACTICE (how we will achieve the objectives)RESOURCES & REFERENCES (who & where can we get support to help us achieve)

To decide and document what our Te Kōhanga Reo whānau want for our tamariki and mokopuna.

In developing the Charter / Tutōhinga, whānau will maintain their hui register as a historical record for future whānau and mokopuna.

The Tutōhinga is to be prepared by Te Kōhanga Reo whānau with the support of the hapu and iwi where available.

All members will participate in the development of the Tutōhinga with the support of the District Te Kōhanga Reo staff.

The whānau in accordance with tikanga Māori supported by the District Trust staff, will embrace all those who embrace the kaupapa of Kōhanga Reo.

The Whānau develop plans for the Management of their Kōhanga Reo that reflects the kaupapa:

  • Te Reo Māori
  • Tikanga Māori
  • Āhuatanga Māori
  • Prepare an ACTION PLAN 
  • Agree on a budget
  • Identify who will be responsible for each priority
  • Seek out fluent speakers of Te Reo Māori
  • Plan to canvas area for mokopuna
  • Annual plan to include monthly meeting dates for trips, events and birthdays etc.
  • Monthly plan to include Budget, travel, Learning Programme themes for mokopuna using the seasons as a guide and reporting deadlines
  • Daily plan to include activities, recording and updating health records and developments of tamariki and daily attendance of tamariki & whānau.
  • Monthly hui to report and inform progress of:
  • Kaupapa development
  • Te Reo o ngā Mokopuna
  • Te Reo of whānau wānanga
  • Budgets, Health & Safety
  • Building/s
  • Whānau priorities
  • Visiting manuhiri and purpose
  • How visits will benefit mokopuna, whānau & kaupapa
  • Any queries the whānau may wish to raise with manuhiri
  • New or casual developments

Te Korowai 

Contact your Regional Office

Kete āwhina

Whanau Hui Agenda

Action Plan

Regional Contact Details

What does manaakitanga mean?

What is a koha? 

How do we practice this and what does this teach our tamariki & mokopuna?