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Te Kōhanga Reo is about whānau working together to revitalise and strengthen te reo Māori me ōna tikanga.

Te Kōhanga Reo means 'the language nest' where we care and nurture our young (birth to 6 years of age) in a warm and secure environment alongside the whānau. Tamariki in Kōhanga are totally immersed in the Māori language, customs and values.

Te Kōhanga Reo is a movement which works to build rich language and cultural spaces alongside whānau. Whānau are involved in their children's learning and the operations of the Kōhanga Reo.

Te Kōhanga Reo remains critical to the revitalisation of the Māori nation. As we look to the future for ways to sustain Te Aō Māori, Kōhanga Reo is an exciting and ever-evolving way to grow our future generations.

The first Kōhanga Reo, Pukeatua, opened on the 13 April 1982 and since then over 50,000 children have attended a Kōhanga Reo. Many of those children are now parents of the second generation of Kōhanga Reo children.

Kōhanga Locator

Kōhanga Tūwāhi

There are currently over 460 Kōhanga Reo throughout Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Aotearoa is divided in to “Rohe” or districts and then a further 100 “Purapura”. Purapura are a cluster of Kohanga Reo that also offer support and advice at a whanau level. Kōhanga Reo gather in their Purapura to share experiences and knowledge within the kaupapa (philosophy).

They are further supported by 10 Tari ā rohe (regional offices) with kaimahi who facilitate support and advice on matters pertaining to Whanau Learning (training) and Whanau Management (operational obligations).