Te Mātāwai- Te Whare Reo Mauri ora ō Aotearoa


On the 13 of April 2016 Te Pire Reo Māori had its final reading before being passed into law. An historic occasion that was shared by the iwi of Tauranga Moana who signed their final Treaty Settlement Deed. There was a sense of anticipation, trepidation and excitement as the Minister of Māori Development Te Ururoa Flavell, introduced the third, and [...]

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Childrens Vulneralbility Act- Tiaki Mokopuna


Tiaki Mokopuna Vulnerable Children Act 2014 & Health and Safety 2016 New Policy Changes E te whānau o ngā Kōhanga Reo, puta noa i te motu tēna koutou katoa. Kei te mōhio koutou, kua whakahoungia e te Kawanatanga i ngā kaupapa here e pā ana ki te Vulnerable Children Act 2014, Food Act 2015, me te Health & Safety [...]

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From Xero to Hero.


He ao Te Rangi ka uhia, mā te huruhuru te manu ka rere ai. As clouds adorn the heavens, so do feathers enable birds to fly. Kā tika hoki tēnei kōrero, ahakoa i ngā wā o mua mā te koha me te aroha e rere ai te manu o te kōhanga reo, inaianei me whai huruhuru [...]

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Achievements for 2015


ACHIEVEMENTS FOR 2015  Initiating the close-off of the Matariki Year. The final courses to complete this academic year being Whakapakari Year 2 and 3s from 2014 cohort. Have already met the EFTs target of 876 – currently at 893 Course Completion rate is currently at 74%, however, this could change by Jan SDR Our 2016 Investment [...]

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Interview with Kahurangi Iritana Tawhiwhirangi


Kahurangi Iritana Tawhiwhirangi has a candid and in their words "feisty" korero with Willy Jackson from Marae TVNZ. In this interview Iritana moves on from the controversy and the 5 reviews and says that the Wai 2336 claim is a priority. Marae-TVNZ She has been the matriarch of the kōhanga reo movement for 32 years but allegations [...]

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TKRNT Financial Accounts 2014


Annual Financial Statements of Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust 2014 The Trustees are pleased to present the Annual Financial Statements of Te Kohanga Reo National Trust Board for 2014. Our auditors KPMG, have issued their independent audit report stating that the accounts “comply with generally accepted accounting practice in New Zealand”, and “give a true and [...]

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Early childhood teacher ready to quit


Kirsty Johnston. Wednesday 22 April 2015 Photo / Thinkstock Rana became an early childhood teacher because she wanted to help give children the best start in life. But less than three years after graduating, she is ready to quit, frustrated with working conditions that mean she can't give all the children in her care the time [...]

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Teaching our youngest: Fears profit put before kids- NZ Herald


Commercial childcare centres respond they put more cash into teacher development Kirsty Johnston 21 March 2015 Sarsha Baker, centre manager at Hummingbirds in St Johns, says staff are supported to learn new skills. Photo / Jason Dorday Educators fear profits are coming before kids as the number of commercial operators entering the early childhood market continues [...]

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Early childcare services red-flagged-NZ Herald


150 early childhood services red-flagged in just one year. Kirsty Johnston 20 March 2015 Most early childhood services do a great job, but a few are causing concern. Children in early childhood education may have been placed at risk of developmental damage after the Government's continued focus on driving up participation despite sector-wide concerns about quality. [...]

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Mokopuna Pāremata


Erima Henare, Eric Teokotai (Kaupapa Kaimahi), Peeni HenareTKR Te Kupenga 30th Birthday I te huri tau tua ngahuru o te Kōhanga Reo o Te Kupenga,  ka mahara au ki te korero ā tētahi o ngā Kuia o te Kōhanga Reo "ahakoa to pakeke,i roto i te Kōhanga Reo, he mokopuna tonu koe". Koinei te mihi [...]

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