Capital E Shu Song.

Capital E Shu Song.

I am delighted to share more information with you about the show and what Capital E National Theatre for Children provides.

Each year we tour two productions around the country. These shows are performed in local theatres and attended by people who bring groups of children in their care to enjoy the show. We really value the support our shows have had from Kōhanga centres over the years and we have a good relationships with those that come regularly.

Our junior production in 2016 is called Shu’s Song. Shu’s Song is designed especially for the early childhood years and is a performance with no dialogue.

This live show inspires young people as our character Shu discovers the secrets of everyday objects in a home office and builds his self confidence.

Through this exploration of an unusual environment, a soundscape builds to create a ‘song’ which Shu starts to conduct.

In fact, we are hoping that the audience will get up and dance a little at the end!

Because there is no dialogue in this performance and the story is told through the mannerisms and body language of our central character, Shu.

The show reflects a young person’s world of discovery and imagination, connecting with learning topics such as Belonging, Communication and Exploration.

We have a great curriculum resource that you can use for free on our website if you are interested and is packed with activities. We also have a little short video introducing the character Shu that you can see on our website here.

The performance is touring throughout 2016 and begins at 9.30am and 11am in each centre. It lasts around 45mins and you can find more information on our website and can book your tickets for Shu’s Song here. Tickets prices are only $9 per student per show, with one free adult ticket per ten students.

If you are interested, our senior production for Years 4-9 this year is called Hinepau and you can find our more information here.